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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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How long does it take to hire Developers?2023-03-07T20:38:19-07:00

The entire process takes around 2-10 days. A clear job description and fast interview turnarounds can reduce this duration.

Who takes responsibility for managing the employee?2023-05-08T15:47:54-07:00

Hyparz takes the responsibility of managing employees timesheet, availability. One Senior Account manager will be assigned to each project. We don’t prefer bot on support. Our senior team is available even in weekends to support you in your business. Just an Email/text away.

How are the developer’s skills verified?2023-06-13T18:06:33-07:00

We manually verify all data points through different sources to ensure the highest quality of talent and then we understand their technical knowledge through Mettl & HackerEarth.

How does the payment cycle work?2023-03-07T20:37:32-07:00

Monthly to yearly, we have different options that companies can choose from.

What if you want to add or remove developers?2023-03-07T20:37:38-07:00

We assign every company an account manager. Please do reach out to your point of contact to add and remove developers as per requirement.

Can we hire them on a permanent basis?2023-05-08T15:53:03-07:00

Yes you can hire them on permanent basis, after a minimum 12 months of contract period is over, then pay one fixed finding fees and hire them on your payroll, Try before you buy. We are really flexible depends on your need.

Do the developers qualify as freelancers?2023-06-13T18:10:18-07:00

We do not collaborate with freelancers. Our focus is on developers seeking full-time employment opportunities with various organizations. The verification interview is conducted to ensure a smooth fit with different companies.

What is Flask?

Flask is a lightweight Python web framework known for its simplicity and flexibility. Here’s a concise summary:

  • Microframework: Flask is termed a microframework because it lacks built-in components like a database abstraction layer or form validation, promoting the use of third-party libraries for these functions.
  • Extendable Core: Its core is minimalistic, making it easy to extend with additional features such as URL routing and template engines.
  • Pythonic Design: Flask’s design is very Pythonic, with a low learning curve, allowing for quick and straightforward web application development.
  • Scalability: It supports scalability by keeping the application core simple and encouraging the use of extensions for additional functionalities.
    In essence, Flask offers a straightforward approach to web development, enabling the creation of robust applications with minimal setup.

Expert Guide: Essential Skills and Probing Questions Asked To Hire Flask Developers

Essential Skills for Flask Developers

When looking to hire Flask developers it’s crucial to identify candidates with a strong set of technical skills and a proven track record. Here are the key skills to look for:

  • Proficiency in Python: Since Flask is a Python framework, expertise in Python is non-negotiable.
  • Experience with Flask: Hands-on experience in building applications with Flask is essential.
  • Understanding of Front-End Technologies: Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is beneficial for full-stack development.
  • Database Integration: Ability to integrate various databases like SQL, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • Version Control: Familiarity with tools like Git for source code management.

Probing Questions for Interviews

To assess the competence of Flask developers, consider asking the following questions:

  • Project Experience: Can you describe a Flask project you’ve worked on and the challenges you faced?
  • Database Handling: How do you manage database migrations in a Flask application?
  • RESTful API Development: Explain how you would design a RESTful API with Flask.
  • Testing and Debugging: What strategies do you use for testing and debugging Flask apps?
  • Performance Optimization: How do you ensure your Flask application performs optimally?

Remember, the goal is to hire flask developers who not only have the technical skills but also fit well with your team’s culture and work ethic.

Important Interview Questions Asked By Recruiters To Hire Flask Developers

Python Proficiency:

What are decorators in Python, and how are they used in Flask?

Can you explain the concept of a context processor in Flask?

Flask Fundamentals:

How does Flask handle client requests?

What is the purpose of the app.route() decorator in Flask?

Database Knowledge:

How do you integrate a database with a Flask application?

What are some common ORMs used with Flask?

RESTful API Design:

How would you design a RESTful API with Flask?

What tools would you use for API testing in Flask?

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